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Dive Into the New Age of Cloud Services

Cloud Hosting Services

With a custom setup from SRDN Computers, you can design and build exactly the server infrastructure your project requires - and scale easily when needed. Our Datacenter, located in Europe and India. You can connect your office by VPN site to site connective and enjoy our service without any management challenges.


Cloud Hosting

  • We design a high availability server and network infrastructure in a protected data center, switched fabric / spine-and-leaf architecture, OOB management switch platform, redundant 80 GBit/s firewalls, redundant routers, server connection with 20 GBit/s up to 60 GBit/s, redundant NAS storage with 80 GBit/s connection.

  • Custom NVIDIA® Tesla® GPU servers.

  • Custom database server cluster. Each machine equipped with 4 x E7 CPUs, FusionIO PCIe SSD, and a 60 GBit/s network connection.

  • Complex router and network installations including BGP IP routing, LACP link aggregation, and access control lists.


Microsoft Exchange Service

  • Design and Managed by Expert

  • We manage or migrate Exchange 2013, 2016, and 2019

  • Database Availability Group (DAG) for Database Redundancy

  • Load Balance for Client Access

  • Antimalware or SPAM protection

  • Daily Backup

  • Service & Support


Veeam Backup and Replication

Veeam software simply “just works.”

No matter where your data is located it may be on-premises, public cloud, managed cloud. We ensure each part of the ecosystem is backed up and accessible. Data is 100% portable across any system and is always recoverable with no reliance on proprietary hardware or continual licensing.


Recovery is almost instantaneous. Restore to on-premises or cloud within a few minutes. Reuse your production data to accelerate your business and drive compliance, security, and innovation without increasing cost or resources



We prefer Solarwinds for Network and System monitoring. Solarwind provides a wide range of products that solve IT management problems.

  • Network Performance Monitoring

  • Server Application Monitoring

  • Database Performance Analyzer

  • Storage Resource Monitor

  • Network Configuration Manager

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